Monochloroacetic acid

Byname: Monochloroacetic acid

Molecular formula: C2H3CLO5

Molecular weight :94.49

Index name
First quality
Second quality
Colorless or light yellowish crystal
Colorless or light yellowish crystal
Content %
96.5 min 
95 min
Dichloro acetic %
2.0 max 
3.0 max

Properties: Colorless or light yellow crystal, soluble in water, aether and ethanol etc., with strong corrosion and toxicity. Melting point62-64,boiling point:187.85,refractive index: 1.4330(60) ,relative density:1.4043(40/4) .
RTECS # AF 8575000 .

Use: Intermediate for dyes,medicine, pesticide, resin and organic synthesis. Used in producing indigo blue dyes in dyes industry; used in synthesizing caffein, barbital, adrenalin, Vitamin B6 and aminoacetic acid in pharmaceutical industry; used in producing dantox, weedicide 2,4-D,2, 4,5-T , naphthylacetic acid
in pesticide industry; also used as material for carboxymethyl cellulose, non-ferrous metal flotation agent Z-200# etc..

Packing: Paper plastic compound bag or plastic woven bag,NW: 25 /0.2kg, 50 / 0.2kg per bag or on the clients' requirements.

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