Trichloroacetyl chloride

Name:Trichloroacetyl chloride

Category:Organic materials

Formula: CL3C2OCL

Molecular weight: 182.0

Physical and chemical properties:

Trichloroacetyl chloride, is colorless transparent flowable liquids, is pungent odor, is fuming when meet moist air. Boiling point is 118~120℃(0.1Mpa). Density is 1.6329(20/4℃). Refractive index is nD1.4700. Trichloroacetyl chloride has a strong irritating and corrosive, can burn skin, stimulates mucosa, corrodes metal, but encounters hot water it intensively decomposing and producing three trichloroacetyl acid and hydrogen chloride. It is soluble in most organic solvents, can be decomposed by lower alcohol.


Trichloroacetyl chloride is the good acylating agent and organic synthesis intermediates, widely used in pharmaceutical, pesticide, organic intermediates and fine chemical products’ synthesis. In pesticides aspect, Trichloroacetyl chloride, is the main raw material in synthesizing 3, 5, 6 - three chloride pyridine sodium alcoholate (key intermediates in poisoning cicada), is also the main raw material in synthesizing high efficiency and low toxicity herbicide "Puma" and forest Herbicide Antidote "carIon". In the field of medicine, Trichloroacetyl chloride is mainly used for the synthesis of fungicide and polycyclic antibiotics. In fine chemical industry field, three chloroacetyl chloride and biphenyl phenol is the raw material in making polycyclic aromatic etherin which is high-grade additives in polyamide (nylon) and polyester these two big fields. 

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