Industrial ammonium chloride

Chemical name: Industrial ammonium chloride
Molecular formula: NH4Cl
Molecular weight: 53.49
Executive: GB 2946-92

Index name
Grade A
Qualified product
NH4CL (dry basis)% min
Water content (H2O)% max
Loss on ignition % min
Fe % max
Heavy metal (Pb)%  max
Sulfate (SO4)%  max
PH value (200g/L solution 25)%

Properties: colorless cubic crystal or white crystal, with salty, cool and a little bitter taste. Relative density:1.527. Easily soluble in water, soluble in ammonia liquid, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in acetone and ether. Start apparent volatilizing when heated to 100, adecompose into ammonia and hydrogen chloride at 337.8, and turn back to slight granules of ammonium chloride looking like white mist that is not easy to go down nor soluble in water when cooled down. Sublime when heated to 350. Boiling point: 520. With small hygroscopicity, but can also absorb moisture and agglomerate in dampy environment. Its aqueous solution is weak acidic, and the acidity will become higher when heated. It is corrosive to ferrous metals and other metals, especially copper, but is noncorrosive to pig iron.

Use: it can be used to produce adhesive, detergent, dye auxiliary, and can also be used in electroplating, electric welding, tanning, pharmaceutical, photographing industries, etc.

Packing, transportation * storage: It is packed in plasitc woven bag lined with plastic bag or coated with plastic film inside. Net weight: 25kg or 50kg/bag. The package should be brushed with firm mark of "Prevent from heat and moistrue". It should be stored in cool, shady, dry and ventilated warehouses. Prevent it from moisture. Don't transport it together with acid or alkaline. During transporation, please prevent it from rain and insolation. Please handle it with care, and protect its package form breakage. If it catches fire, you may put it out with water, sand or carbon dioxide extinguisher.

Safety: it is high corrosive, so avoid contact it with skin. The allowed concentration of ammonium chloride mist in the air is mg/m3. The operators should wear work clothes, mouth mask and latex gloves, etc. The prodution equipment should be well sealed. The production shop should be well ventilated.

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