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Dimethyl phosphonate

Name:Dimethyl phosphonate/Dimethyl phosphite Relative molecular mass:110.05

No. CAS:868-85-9 Nature:Dimethyl phosphonate is colorless oily liquid. Boiling point is 170-171℃, 56.5℃(1.07kPa). Relative density is 1.200(24/4℃). Refractive index is 1.4035. Flash point is 29℃. It is soluble in water and most organic solvents.

Preparation method:  Obtained by phosphorus trichloride and methanol reacting.

Function: Dimethyl phosphonate, used as lubricant additives, adhesives, and certain organic synthesis intermediates, are for the synthesis of pesticides, omethoate, methyl sulfide phosphor ring and glyphosate. It is the key intermediate about glyphosate, trichlorfon, dichlorvos, a net rice blast, omethoate and other pesticides, is also used in producing organic acid corrosion inhibitor, plastic additives, dyes additives and flame retardant.

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